La Habana

Havana has so many exciting things to offer so make sure you stay a couple of days in this vibrant city. Go for a walk over the Malecon, sip in the street life and enjoy the sound of salsa coming out of the numerous cosy bars and restaurants.

Havana Highlights

Taste the culture in one of the Caribbean’s largest city.


Dress up to get down with Havana’s rich nightlife

Whatever your taste — be it salsa dancing the night away, relaxing with a few cocktails, or total rum-soaked debauchery — Havana has just what you’re looking for.


Take a twilight stroll down the Malecón

Beautiful architecture, street bands you just can’t help but dance to… the Malecón esplanade is truly one of the most spectacular sights in Havana.


See a slice of history at the Plaza de la Revolución

Part of Havana’s ‘new city’, the Plaza de la Revolución was the site of many political rallies and monumental events that were instrumental in Cuba’s history.


The picturesque fortresses of Old Havana

Founded as a stopover point for treasure-laden Spanish galleons in the 16th century, Old Havana is the perfect place for the historically and architecturally inclined.