Pack your bags! What to bring to Cuba

Posted on January 11, 2016. Under Tourist Guides.

things to pack cuba

The Obvious

  • Money (cash and credit cards)
  • Passport
  • License if driving
  • Tickets
  • Travel insurance

It’s a good idea take a photocopy of your passport and insurance policy and leave this at home.

Toiletries on a trip

Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste dental floss, Face wipes, moisturizer and lip balm, hair brush and styling products, anti-bacterial gel, make-up, jewelry, razor, shaving foam, soap, shampoo and conditioner.

You can’t buy condoms or tampons in Cuba, so if either of those is needed, bring them with you.

Pack all the liquids in a plastic bag to prevent any in flights spills, plus having bags for wet bathing suits or for trash is always handy.

Medicine: whether it’s a prescription or aspirin for a headache, bring it with you, as pharmacies are limited.

Warm weather preparation

Sun block – bring high quality and quantity to ensure you can enjoy your entire trip without a blistering sunburn. Tote along some aloe or after sun lotion to keep your skin cool. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Pack a towel, hat, sunglasses and light cotton clothing. In addition to typical warm weather clothing, a single light fleece or pashmina will help to fight a chill in the cooler nights. The overall style of Cubans is comfortable but attractive with evenings being the time to look one’s best.

Tourist essentials

In addition to the obvious, like a camera and electric adapters, some less evident suggestions are ear plugs to block out all the morning crowing from neighborhood roosters, a Spanish dictionary and a universal sink plug, as the sinks at your casa particular in Cuba don’t have them.

Greater Good

As Cuba is considered less wealthy than many of the European countries visitors come from, some vacationers choose to bring some gifts or donations for the locals. Schools are always a great place that would welcome such generosity.

More specifically, the people working at the home you’re staying (not the home owners) would welcome your gifts. Items that are particularly appreciated include batteries, toiletries and non-prescription medicine and if you have it, second hand phones are especially appreciated.

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