Should you go to Varadero?

Posted on February 27, 2016. Under Tourist Guides.

go to varadero or not

Is that a real question? If you look at a single photo of Varadero, you’d be hard pressed to ever ask yourself such a question, for this is the home of one of the world’s best beaches.

You read that right – Varadero beach is as close to paradise as one can imagine. And the fact that it’s the number one Caribbean resort proves it. We’re talking ocean vistas in every shade of blue and green, miles of soft, stunning sand and painting worthy sunsets.

The negative is that you’re not the only one to be attracted to its allure and the 50 or so hotels along its 20km coasts are a testament to the universal appeal of this Cuban hotspot.

Varadero, home of the all inclusive mega resorts

hotel strip in Varadero

Because Varadero is home to all inclusive mega resorts, it has tended to be a little insular – people arrive, stay and often never leave during their entire two-week stay.

And that’s okay if you simply want a sunny beach getaway. But that is not doing Cuba any justice.  And to be honest, you’re missing out on a wide range of historical, cultural and social elements that make Cuba so unique.

Now, as with any large tourist destination, you’ll have the touristy swag for sale. Look out for those artisan markets. They hawk nothing but the chintzy vacation souvenirs and not the more artisanal or hand crafted trinkets you might be looking for.

However just because you’re surrounded by consumerism and convenience doesn’t mean your phone will work or you’ll have access to the internet. Not to worry, there’s plenty to do besides surf the web.

You can surf the waves. Ride the waves. Swim in the waves. Fall asleep to the waves. Okay, maybe there’s not that much to do besides the beach, but that’s not exactly a bad thing.

But there’s more than just hotels

More recently, a number of Casas Particulares have opened their doors in the area, allowing visitors to come and appreciate the beauty, but only doing so for a shorter period of time, to give on the opportunity to explore elsewhere.

By heading outside of these sprawling resorts, you’re having instant access to a more authentic experience. You can still be near the shops, cafes, bars and beach. And don’t worry about missing out on the all you can drink rum, since beverages are so inexpensive, you won’t break the bank to get your buzz on.

This is an ideal spot to sit back and laze away the warm days with a mojito by your side as the ocean waves lull you into a heady state of blissed out relaxation.

Book your Casa Particular

To book your Casa Particular in this paradise, click this link. Our site will help you choose a place to stay in Varadero that is exactly what you’re looking for, be it in the middle of the hustle and bustle of town or on the outskirts for something a little quieter.

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