Hunting for Cuban Cigars – An Unpretentious Guide for Beginners

I’ll be upfront with you - I’m not much of a smoker myself these days. Back in the day I was but my choice were cigarettes, not cigars. However, I did travel to Cuba extensively and if there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss while you’re there, it’s Cuban cigars, even if you don’t have... Read More »

Uncharted Cuba – Be an Explorer, Not a Tourist

Cuba is a wondrous country full of breathtaking landscapes and colorful people. Of course, you knew that or you wouldn’t have bothered visiting, but it bears repeating. You can expect to see gorgeous sunsets and stretches of beautiful beaches every single day – provided you’re hanging around t... Read More »

Classic Cars in Cuba

When picturing Cuba, one envisions beautiful beaches, some lively dancing to good music, a cigar of course, and classic 1950’s cars cruising the streets. About 60,000 classic cars are still running, driving the streets of Cuba. These cars are a physical reminder of the trade embargo the country... Read More »

Havana City Guide: 10 Best Bars of Havana

It’s hard to narrow down the seemingly endless options of where to go dance, drink and while away the evening hours. From huge government-sponsored art mecca warehouses to tiny and cosy local watering holes, Havana knows how to party. While we’re not talking craft brew houses or extensive dri... Read More »