The Ultimate Guide on Traveling from USA to Cuba

How to Travel to Cuba from USA

Recent changes have made it “easier” for Americans to travel to Cuba, but these changes haven’t made it easier for Americans to find useful information on that topic, right? Americans always had the possibility to travel to Cuba, but this meant that people had to go through another country ... Read More »

15 Wi-Fi Hotspots in the Eastern Cuba region

The Eastern Region of Cuba is represented by 5 provinces: Las Tunas, Granma, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo. If you're traveling to this part of the island and you wan't to spend some time online, you probably have a hard time finding good Wi-Fi hotspots. However Cuba is growing in mobi... Read More »

Direct flights from USA to Cuba

Flying from USA to Cuba? Here are your options

Full List of the North American Airlines that will fly to Cuba, their frequency and airport of destination. There's been a lot of speculation about this issue. Little is known. Or much. Whatever, the direct flights to Cuba by means of the traditional North American airlines would begin this summer,... Read More »

Cuba on a Bike – An Adventurer’s Dream

We can tell you a lot of things about transportation in Cuba – and we will be doing just that in the next couple of weeks – but there is no denying one simple truth: Cuba was made for cycling. The roads are peaceful and quiet: you won’t find crazy traffic or nervous car drivers rushing to g... Read More »