Hunting for Cuban Cigars – An Unpretentious Guide for Beginners

I’ll be upfront with you - I’m not much of a smoker myself these days. Back in the day I was but my choice were cigarettes, not cigars. However, I did travel to Cuba extensively and if there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss while you’re there, it’s Cuban cigars, even if you don’t have... Read More »

travelling cuba on a budget

Travelling Around Cuba on a Shoestring Budget

Now, when I say shoestring budget I don’t mean going there completely broke – even though Cuba has two national currencies, magic beans are definitely not one of them. What I mean is that, while every vacation costs money, Cuba gives you an opportunity to really squeeze that nickel until the buf... Read More »

Santiago de Cuba - Things to do

The Ultimate Guide to Santiago de Cuba

If you’re itching to taste Cuba as it once was, make sure to book a flight to one of Cuba's biggest cities. Despite what you might think, we’re not talking about Havana here – we’re talking about Santiago de Cuba! Cuba’s second largest city is a vibrant and colorful mix of the east and ... Read More »

Internet in Cuba

Although internet is still limited in Cuba, more and more Cubans own a smartphone. But besides mobile internet offered by Nauta, people are using more and more WiFi hotspots, shows a survey by the Irish mobile service provider Ding. Continue reading... Read More »