Gays in Cuba – Tough in the Past But Things Are Looking Up

Whenever I talk to my American friends about Cuba, I inevitably get drawn into a discussion about human rights. They know I’m a huge fan of the country and the people, and that I even applaude some of Castro’s less-controversial (so less known) moves, such healthcare reforms and nature conser... Read More »

Cuba’s Climate and Landscape – When to Go and What to Pack

If you’re coming from Europe or the US, you’re probably used to the season - four seasons, to be exact. You’ve got your hot summers and freezing winters with a welcome break from both extremes during spring and fall. Although Cuba generally offers a lot of variety, this is one instance wher... Read More »

guantanamo diving center

Diving in Cuba – Get Ready to See Some of the Most Beautiful Coral Reefs in the World

In a recent post, I talked about Cuban beaches; in my own humble opinion, the best white sand beaches in the world. I said it there but it might be worth repeating - include a visit to a beach in Cuba into your itinerary if you didn’t already (literally any beach will do if you don’t have one... Read More »

cuban beaches

Beaches in Cuba – Bits of White, Sandy Paradise with Crystal Blue Waters

Let me ask you a question.... What was the first thing that featured on your ‘Things to do in Cuba’ list when you were planning your trip? I’m pretty sure that mojito’s made an appearance, as well as driving around in vintage Cadillacs. You probably also jotted down ‘learning to sals... Read More »