About GenCuba

A little bit of history

2 guys, 1 idea, that’s what made GenCuba to what it is today. 10 years ago we started with a website listing about 300 bed and breakfasts in Cuba under the name CubaTur, just to come to the conclusion that it was too hard to manage the bookings we received. We knew we were on to something but had to change the business model and approach. A couple of years later technology allowed us to do things more streamlined, and we picked it up again. GenCuba v1 was born!

GenCuba nowadays

We are a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique accommodations in Cuba. We connect persons to very unique travel experiences with almost 3000 accommodations (aka Casas Particulares) in over 10 cuban cities.

Our Team

Ruben & Joris were living 2000 kilometers away from each other but somehow they did manage to get together and work on a shared passion. Ruben, with Cuban roots, is now living in the sunny Valencia, is chief designer. Joris, Belgian, and recently moved to Barcelona, in charge of marketing and content.