5 reasons to stay in a Casa Particular

Posted on November 7, 2015. Under Tourist Guides.

For years Cuba is a popular holiday destination, because of the atmosphere of cigars, oldtimers and the best salsa music seems to be faded glory.

Yet changes are on their way. In the past every Cuban worked for the government, but since a couple of years Cubans can open their own small business (limited to a number of professions) as well.

Renting rooms or opening a bed and breakfast for tourist is one of them. This type of small business is very popular among the Cubans and new “Casas Particulares” are being opened on a daily base.

Finding a Casa Particular to stay isn’t really hard when you’re in Cuba, but finding a good one might be, that’s why we recommend you to book a casa in advance.

Here are 5 reasons to stay at a casa particular instead of a hotel.

1. Support the locals

By staying in a casa particular instead of a hotel, you support the locals. Part of this revenue goes to the state, but there’s still a large part that are for the home owners themselves. Thus by choosing to stay in a casa particular local Cubans can benefit from tourism as well.

2. Contact with Cubans

Staying in a casa particular is a great way to get in touch with Cubans and gives an intimate glimpse into the lives of Cubans. After all, you are staying in a house which is situated in the middle of a residential area and you can see how the Cubans live their daily lives.

It’s the perfect opportunity to stay in a Cuban home and get a taste of local life and to have a chat with the home owners. Besides the rental of rooms, often the owners also have another job and are not always present in the house. The family lives often lives in a separated part of the house.

3. Comfort and an excellent service

Home owners must meet a number of rules before being allowed to rent a room to travelers. In addition to a private bathroom, the room should also have air conditioning.

Our selection of Casas Particulares can be compared to hotel rooms in terms of comfort. We have a unique selection of casas all of which are located meet a high standard.

A stay in a casa has an another advantage compared to hotels. In contrast to the service at hotels, where commercial interests virtually doesn’t exists for the crew, the service level in a casa particular is a lot higher.

4. Privacy

Are you affraid that you won’t have any privacy while staying at a Casa Particular? Don’t worry!

Nowadays the home owners are very aware of the fact privacy should be maintained for both tourists as home owners.

The family often lives in a separate part of the house or sometimes  the rooms they rent are built specifically for rental to travelers. Of course, the residents are always open for a chat, to give you some tips or to help you when needed.

The bathroom in your room is only for use of the guests and you do not share it with the home owners. You also get the key to the house so you can enter and leave your room whenever you want.

5. Book online & pay with ease

The internet facilities in Cuba are very limited. Some casas have their own website. Would you book a room, this can sometimes by e-mail. However, gencuba offers you a way to search and book your casa particular online!

gencuba has a broad network of home owners in Cuba which we regularly visit and with whom we have built a good relationship. We select the casas carefully based on hygiene, atmosphere, location and of course a friendly service. Furthermore the rooms are also checked for comfort.

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